Fife parking charges suspended

Parking charges in Fife are suspended from todayParking charges in Fife are suspended from today
Parking charges in Fife are suspended from today | JPIMedia Resell
All Fife Council parking charges at on-street locations and in public car parks are suspended from today.

The decision has been taken in response to the current Covid-19 pandemic and will help safeguard access for key workers and local communities.

In addition to suspending charges the council is also suspending time limited waiting at all locations; allowing parking for any length of time across the Kingdom. 

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Other restrictions such as yellow lines, loading bays and disabled parking places will remain enforceable, maintaining safety and access for vulnerable users, deliveries and emergency services.

Councillor Altany Craik, Transportation spokesperson welcomed this approach saying: “Thank you to Fife’s key workers for the vital services they’re providing during this pandemic.

“Removing parking charges and time limited parking is a small thing we can do to help our key workers and communities at this time.

“It also helps reduce pressure on residents, particularly in town centres, where demand for parking has increased during this period.” 

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Blue Badges that expired from January 1, 2020 will continue to be valid until the end of September 2020 in all council parking places. 

Kirkcaldy councillor Neil Crooks said: “I was approached by a resident in the High Street who pointed out that because of the reduction in local traffic movements, would it be possible to suspend parking restrictions on street to help ease the pressure on residents.

“When I talked to my colleagues there had been other people contacting councillors in a similar vein so we raised it to the Administration co leader David Ross for consideration.

“It is a Fife wide issue and this solution about suspending all car parking charges in Fife on street and in our car parks as well as suspending time limited restrictions like two hour maximum is a welcome intervention during these pretty grim days.

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“Importantly this action removes the need for key workers to worry about costs and time limits associated with parking, NHS workers can park in the streets around their workplace where restrictions were in place, and of course residents in areas with time limited parking can relax.

“Disabled bays, loading areas and yellow lines are still enforceable so it’s not a complete free for all.”

For the latest information on Fife Council services affected by the coronavirus visit the council website