Parking restrictions outside Fife gym over safety concerns

Some parked cars are causing a hazard.Some parked cars are causing a hazard.
Some parked cars are causing a hazard.
Cars will be banned from parking on the main road outside a Glenrothes gym following safety concerns.

Councillors on the Glenrothes area committee have agreed to formalise ‘No Waiting At Any Time’ restrictions on a section of Faraday Road in the town’s Southfield Industrial Estate after there had been complaints about motorists parking inappropriately.

Gym 64 has two car parks available to patrons, one to the rear and one across the road to the front.

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However, some users have opted to park closer to the gym entrance on the main distributor road which has created problems.

Lesley Craig, traffic management lead consultant, explained that some cars which were parked on the corner were restricting visibility for oncoming traffic: “Parking on the bend poses a safety hazard as it forces traffic to travel on the wrong side of the road.

“As this is a 90 degree bend, opposing traffic is not able to see oncoming vehicles.

“Concerns have been raised about this issue.

“Representations have also been received about parked vehicles causing an obstruction to heavy goods vehicles servicing the factories.

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“This can have a significant impact on business operations.”

Councillors unanimously backed the introduction of a formal traffic regulation order, and local councillor Altany Craik welcomed the move and said that the order would need to be followed up with action: “We’re all glad to see a permanent solution but it will need to be enforced.

“If people think the lines are for decoration then it will start to lose its effectiveness.”