Plan to make road one-way system gets a step closer

If implemented, the new system would still allow vehicles access to South Street.
If implemented, the new system would still allow vehicles access to South Street.
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A proposal to turn a St Andrews road into a one-way street following complaints about traffic, has taken a step forward this week.

The plan, which would see the Queen’s Gardens turned into a one-way and cycle contra-flow cycleway system, was approved by the North East Fife Area Committee at its latest meeting.

The system would still allow northbound traffic access to South Street.

The proposal will now proceed to a formal consultation, and, if there are no objections, it will be implemented.

Cllr Brian Thomson was not involved in the decision making, having worked with local residents in creating the proposal and having previously stated his support for it, but welcomed the decision.

He said: “Having worked with the Queen’s Gardens and Queen’s Terrace Residents’ Association, and the council’s Transportation Service in working up this proposal, I’m really pleased that my fellow Committee members agreed with the recommendation to progress the proposed changes in Queen’s Gardens.

“The measures have been worked up in response to concerns raised by local residents – specifically the amount of traffic using the street as a rat-run, and congestion that often arises due to the narrowness of the street – and this was backed up by a survey of residents that had a good response rate.

“The proposal now proceeds to the formal consultation stage, and I’m firmly of the view that it’s the type of community led proposal that deserves support.”