Volunteers to check traffic with speedguns

Speedwatch volunteers, from left; John Lamond, Ronnie Lindsay and Hazel Law.
Speedwatch volunteers, from left; John Lamond, Ronnie Lindsay and Hazel Law.

Community volunteers using police equipment are being deployed to record the speeds of vehicles on the roads of north east Fife.

The Community Speedwatch scheme is a new initiative to monitor traffic, and involves local volunteers carrying out work to record speeds of passing vehicles.

The volunteers are trained to operate the equipment to police enforcement standards in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines.

Each check site involves at least three volunteers – who wear high visibility clothing – monitoring and recording the details of those vehicles that are travelling above the speed limit.

Records are then forwarded to Police Scotland, who will write to the registered keeper of the vehicle, advising them of their speed and reminding them of the need for safety, and to obey the speed limits in built up areas.

However, police are keen to stress that Community Speedwatch is not about enforcement, rather it is about providing a gentle reminder to motorists to reduce their speed, in the hope of improving the safety.

Two volunteers who will be out in the community have revealed why they felt it was important to highlight the problem.

Ronnie Lindsay said: “Speeding is a problem in my area and I wanted to make people aware of the consequences of speeding.”

Hazel Law said that she had previously been on the other side of the speed gun.

“I have been caught speeding before and after realising the error of my ways,” she said.

“I want to raise awareness to other road users about the importance of adhering to speed limits.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland said that the initiative was about partnership with local communities and how they can play an active role in helping to increase road safety.

He said: “We are delighted to re-introduce Community Speedwatch in north east Fife as road safety is a consistent priority for our communities, so in response to these concerns and in an effort to reduce road casualties this initiative was launched.

“The scheme is a voluntary scheme driven my members of the community, and is supported by Police Scotland.

“Together we strive to encourage motorists to reduce their speed, thus improving the safety and quality of lives of the local community.”