Trauma, tears and trouble – it’s all in a night’s work

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A SUSPECTED heart attack, hypothermia, too much alcohol... that’s all been part of a night’s work for Levenmouth Street Pastors.

But the majority of instances has involved folk needing advice and support to get home, and directed away from anti-social behaviour.

The project, supported by the churches in the area, has just marked its first anniversary, and a year thast saw it operate through one of the toughest winters in living memory.

On top of that, there were some key staff changes which added to the challenge or working the streets of Leven every Saturday night and Sunday morning.

But with the support of the police, Fife Council and the business community, the project has helped dozens of people with practical support.

It’s that support that is crucial, and ‘Bible bashing’ isn’t part of the team’s remit.

Speaking after the anniversary supper at Agenda in Leven,

Colin Davidson a member of Leven Baptist Church and a Street Pastor, told the Mail: “We are not out on the streets of Leven late at night in all weathers to evangelise or preach.

“We are a collection of volunteers from churches across North East Fife that wants to take the church membership off the pews and out the church into the community, supporting individuals and groups who find themselves in the need of assistance.

“We are not in any way judgemental, many of the volunteers enjoy a pint and socialise ourselves, we are there to assist, offer advice and support in a confidential manner to those who need help.

“If it raises the profile of the local churches and allows people to discuss issues of faith with us then that is a bonus but that’s not our aim. “

Mr Davidson said the volunteers were keen for anyone who was interested in joining the team to get in touch with the Levenmouth Street pastors on or contact their local church minister.

Full training is provided and the time commitment is minimal with most Street Pastors working one Saturday night in five.

“It’s a small commitment for what has been a hugely rewarding experience for us all,” added Mr Davidson.