Travellers blamed for dumping work waste

Waste claimed to have been left by travellers in Glenrothes
Waste claimed to have been left by travellers in Glenrothes

A FURIOUS Glenrothes businessman has written to local councillors demanding action on travelling people who leave behind rubbish.

Colin Nikolic, a commerical landlord, said he has been subjected to substantial costs for clearing up after travellers set up camp on his land.

They are being blamed for dumping commercial waste.

Mr Nikolic said: “This is in my view due to the inability of the local council (and the Scottish Government) to control these people and their actions

“Recent events at one of my premises was very concerning as the premises were under offer with the probability of 30-plus jobs coming to the town when these people moved on to the land. The prospective purchaser was rightly very, very concerned,” said Mr Nikolic.

“The presence of these people causes alarm in the community who know that they are allowed to abuse property and get away scotfree.”

In response to Mr Nikolic’s comments, Cllr Ross Vettraino told the Gazette: “I share the concern that the settled community clearly has in relation to the difficulties that are associated with the travelling community.

“Many people are calling something to be done, but they never specify what powers they would like the Government or local authorities to have to enable them to deal with the problem in a meaningful way. I am sure that both the Government and local authorities would welcome suggestions.

“A frequent call is for the power to remove them from both public and private land - but remove them to where?

“There are four “travelling people” sites in Fife, but they are occupied by the same families all year round.”

Cllr Vettraino added: “In response to the current problem, the Council is planning a network of “Stop-over” sites, which will be available to travellers, thereby eliminating any need to stop on public or private land without authorisation.”

Glenrothes MP Lindsay Roy commented: ‘’Despite promises by Fife Council to deal with this issue seriously, once again we have a local business being affected by the actions of irresponsible travelling people and I fully understand Colin Nikolic’s frustration at the lack of progress being made on this.”