Tree-ific future planned for Lundie

Keil's Den'Lundin Links
Keil's Den'Lundin Links

The Woodland Trust Scotland is reviewing and producing new management plans for its woodlands in Lundin Links.

Keil’s Den is just what beautiful ancient broadleaved woodland should be. A clear stream flows through a deep den, overlooked by a patchwork of young woodland and ancient beeches. The spring flowers are stunning, with carpets of bluebells, wood anemone and wild garlic. The wood abounds with life from the roe deer to the bats and wood peckers living in the ancient trees.

Largo Serpentine is a coastal broadleaf woodland, where you can stroll the Serpentine walk, an ancient route linking Upper and Lower Largo, which was probably created as part of the designed landscape of the Largo house estate.

The plans describe the long-term vision for both woods, including management operations for the next five years.

The Woodland Trust Scotland would now like to hear the opinions of local residents before producing the final version of the management plan.

A copy of the plans can be read at Lundin Links library or alternatively on the website or

Any comments should be emailed to the site manager or alternatively contacting the Scotland office on 01738 635829 email

The deadline for comments is January 9.