Tributes after cancer campaigner Brian Kerr dies

Brian Kerr, the cancer sufferer for whom an entire community rallied, has died at a hospice in Kirkcaldy.

Wednesday, 3rd January 2018, 4:24 pm
Updated Thursday, 4th January 2018, 11:22 am
Brian Kerr and his partner Linda.

Brian, of Cedar Avenue, was diagnosed with mouth cancer in March after an ulcer failed to heal.

However, in August the community organised a march, led by a piper, around the streets near Brian’s home.

A keen Celtic supporter, fans of all clubs joined Brian for a fundraising ‘Rangers V Celtic’ match-up at the Beveridge Park.

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A string of live events followed, and a foundation bearing Brian’s name was launched in a bid to help the families of those with serious illnesses.

Brian, known by his nickname Boris, took on the mantra of ‘I am the storm’, which had been adopted by friends for a fundraising page for Brian, his partner Linda McAndrew and their daughter Kameryn.

Rab Allan, who has been helping to raise funds for the family, said that Brian had defied the outlook given by medics.

Despite being given less than a week to live in early December, he was adamant that he would live to see Christmas with his family, which he did, passing away on December 28.

Rab said: “He stretched it right out. He said he wanted to make it to Christmas for his daughter. And he got that wish.

“There’s a Christmas tree in Smeaton, and somebody put a fence round it.

“We asked people on Christmas Day to show a bit of respect, get a football scarf, any scarf, and tie it round the tree. There were loads of scarfs and shirts.

“All the support that the family have got, I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Family friend Vicki Lister had also been raising funds for the family.

She said: “Brian was always one for helping other people. Even when he was going through that himself, he was helping other people that were going through something similar.

“He always felt early detection was key. If he could help save one person by raising awareness, then it was worthwhile.

“The whole community has been absolutely brilliant. Brian was such an inspiration. He’d do anything for anybody.

“It’s such a testament to his character that there’s not one person that could say anything bad about him because he was such a good guy.

“He never complained, when he got bad news he just took it on the chin and just kept on going. He fought and fought.

“He never let it faze him. He was just so vibrant all the time. He was a hero to a lot of people.”

Brian passed away at Victoria Hospice on Thursday evening, aged 48.

His funeral will be held at Kirkcaldy crematorium at 11am on January 17.