Tributes paid to Lorna after driver sentence

Much loved: Lorna Grant
Much loved: Lorna Grant

THE family of a teacher killed in a car crash have told how her death has left “a huge void in all our lives which will never be filled.”

They were speaking after the driver whose car smashed into Lorna Grant’s vehicle, as the former drove home from a birthday party with five children, was given 300 hours community service.

Jacqueline Davidson’s Volvo people carrier collided with Ms Grant’s Renault Clio on the A92 near Cupar on August 29, 2010.

Thirty four year-old Ms Grant, who worked in Dundee and is the daughter of local retired doctor Bob Grant, died in hospital four hours after the crash in which two of the children were also badly hurt.

At Cupar Sheriff Court on Thursday, Davidson was also banned from driving for three years and nine months.

Sheriff Charles McNair told her: “This was a tragic case.

“It caused tragedy for Ms Grant and her family.

“She was driving in a perfectly proper manner and you crossed the carriageway and collided with her.

“I don’t think we’ll ever know why you did that.

“Balancing the seriousness of the offence and your personal circumstances is an extremely difficult exercise.

“Nothing I do today can bring Lorna Grant back and make things any better for her family.”

Davidson, 48, of Broughty Ferry, pleaded guilty to causing Ms Grant’s death by careless driving.

Iain Duguid QC, defending, said Davidson had been “tortured” by what had happened.

He said extensive tests suggested she might have suffered an epileptic fit, or that prescribed and over-the-counter drugs she was taking might have combined to cause a blackout.

He added that she was breathalysed and was not over the limit and was not speeding.

Mr Duguid went on: “She was driving on the wrong side of the road, and she has no explanation for it.

“Mrs Davidson has never driven a car since, has never returned to any kind of employment, has been under treatment by psychologists, and has been suffering nightmares and flashbacks.

“She had been a driver for 28 years without a single blemish.”

In a statement, Ms Grant’s family said: “We are relieved that the legal case is now concluded - the long wait of 20 months to reach this point has only served to add to our distress.

“Lorna’s many talents, love of walking and of the outdoors, along with her passion for travel, Spain and the Spanish language, enriched our lives.

“The possibility was raised in court that a combination of prescribed antidepressant medication, taken in conjunction with migraine medication bought from a pharmacy, contributed to this crash.

“There appears to be limited knowledge regarding the effect of such drug combinations on the safety of driving. We believe this is an issue that merits further research.

“This tragic accident has affected the lives of many people.

“The outcome of the court case can change nothing.

“Lorna’s death has left a huge void in all our lives which will never be filled.”