Tricia Marwick - an honour is '˜not for me'

Tricia Marwick, in her role  as Presiding OfficerTricia Marwick, in her role  as Presiding Officer
Tricia Marwick, in her role as Presiding Officer
Tricia Marwick, former MSP and Presiding Officer at the Scottish Parliament, has revealed she delined to have her name put forward for the Queen's birthday honours announced this week.

The Glenrothes politician, who stood down at the end of the last parliamentary term, said it would have been hyocriticial of her to accept an honour having opposed the system all her life.

Mrs Marwick was the first woman to become Presiding Officer at the Scottish Parliament.

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She said it was an individual’s choice whether or not to accept an honour, but it was not for her.

Her statement came after she was approached at the beginning of the process which created the list of recipients revealed to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday.

Mrs Marwick’s statement read: “I was asked last year by a senior politician if I would allow my name to go forward for an honour when I stepped down at the recent Scottish Parliament elections. I understand that the UK government wished to ensure that the first female Presiding Officer was recognised in the Honours list. I declined.

‘‘I do not criticise those who accept an honour. That is a matter for each individual and I understand the great joy and pride it can bring.

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‘‘However, it is not for me. I would be a hypocrite to now accept an honour when I have opposed the honours system all my life. Further, in recent years it has become devalued by some of those who have been recipients.

‘‘I have had many meaningful honours in my life. To be one of the first MSPs when our Parliament was reconvened in 1999, to be elected as MSP for my home constituency of Central Fife and then to serve as the Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament. That is recognition and honour enough for me.

‘‘I have no need for further rewards or honours. ‘‘