Tricked a treat! - Petrol station ‘crime scene’ sets tongues wagging

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A CASE of Chinese whispers caused the weekend rumour mill to go into melt-down, leading to stories of a vicious murder in Leven.

Fortunately the ‘killing’ was all one big hoax after staff at the town’s Sainsbury’s store got into the Hallowe’en spirit by fabricating a slaying in its petrol station.

Staff taped off part of the floor where the ‘body’ had been found, dropped fake blood around, left a toy knife at the scene, and printed off posters appealing for information.

However, after tales about the murder were relayed across the area, they grew arms and legs, and before long the store was being inundated with enquiries about the grisly killing at the petrol station.

Sandra Herd, team manager of the petrol station, told the Mail: “It wasn’t just one or two people asking about it, it was well into the double figures.

“We got one of the members of staff to lie on the floor and we taped around them to make it look quite realistic.

“But people then seemingly started talking in the High Street, and in pubs around the area, about the ‘murder at petrol station’.

“They were coming in and looking at the tape and the all blood and saying ‘oh my God’.

“It was just a bit of nonsense, we used Sainsbury’s tape and described it as a ‘spooky crime’ on the notices but people seemed to be really taken in by it.”

Staff at the store continued their celebration of the event on Monday, with members dressing up as a whole host of ghouls and ghosts.