Trips to Australia for Kirkcaldy's Postcode Lottery winners

Two of the lucky people who won almost £250,000 in today's Postcode Lottery Millions draw are planning trips to Australia.

Neighbours George Wight (68) and Lorraine Reilly (58), who both scooped £245,520 both said they were "over the moon" at the life-changing amount.

Lorraine, Elizabeth,Katy and George celebrate

Lorraine, Elizabeth,Katy and George celebrate

And they told the Press that they were both planning to visit family members who live Down Under - travelling business class of course!

Meanwhile Katy Honeyman (35), an admin clerk with Scottish Widows, who won the same amount, said the money would "take a lot of pressure" off her and her husband Colin's lives, and hinted that they may start looking for a new home with a driveway.

"Parking is horrendous where we live next to Torbain School, so that could be a possibility," she said, adding that she would continue working.

George said he knew something was up when they called him back to the stage the second time.

George, Lorraine, Elizabeth and Katy are delighted with their wins

George, Lorraine, Elizabeth and Katy are delighted with their wins

"I knew there was something up. I am thinking of going out to Australia to see my brothers and sister who all live over there," he said.

"I last saw them about five years ago."

He also promised to look after his daughter Emma who accompanied him to the draw and who said she was still "in shock" at the amount her dad had won.

Lorraine said she was in the process of getting a new kitchen at her home and her daughter Amanda Jane was having her garden done, but added she was planning a trip to Perth in Australia to visit her son Jamie.

Jimmy Sinclair (104) won 2094

Jimmy Sinclair (104) won 2094

"It is really quite surreal," she said. "I had only expected to get £500, so when I got £2000 I was delighted, then when I saw this one I just couldn't believe it."

The three joined Elizabeth Smith who, with two tickets, scooped double the amount, winning almost £500,000.

And Kirkcaldy's local hero and longest surviving war veteran Jimmy Sinclair (104), of the Royal Horse Artillery was also a winner, taking away £2094.