‘Trusting’ Alfie shot by air rifle

Fraser (7) & Lauren (9) Kidd with Alfie the Cat
Fraser (7) & Lauren (9) Kidd with Alfie the Cat

A DYSART family’s pet cat has used up at least one of his nine lives after being shot by an air rifle.

Alfie, a three-year-old ginger tom cat, turned up on the doorstep of the family home on Monday afternoon, bleeding badly from a wound in his side.

At first his owners thought he had been in a fight with another cat, but after being examined by a vet they discovered a shotgun pellet had caused serious injuries and Alfie had a narrow escape.

He had to spend the night in the St Clair Veterinary Hospital, but is now recovering at his home in Edington Place.

Mum Llana Kidd (35), said her children Lauren (10), and Fraser (7), had been left devastated by the cruel act.

“Alfie is part of our family and we have had him since he was a kitten,” she said. “He is a very friendly and trusting cat and for someone to do something like this to him is just horrible.

“Lauren was off school because she wasn’t feeling well and I was just about to go out to collect Fraser from school when Alfie turned up covered in blood.

“I called the vet right away and after they examined him I was told his injuries were caused by an airgun pellet.


“It has really affected the children badly because they think the world of him, and Lauren, who is a real animal lover, has made a poster and put it up in her bedroom window asking people to take care with airguns.


“I am really angry that someone could do something like that to a harmless cat.

“There are youths at the coastal path with airguns and shooting around the old colliery area and I am worried because lots of people walk their dogs there and there are always children about.”

Ian Laing, Fife Police’s wildlife officer, said: “There had been a report of youths carrying an air weapon on the Fife Coastal Path on Saturday and the person reporting this had voiced fears that wildlife had been the intended target.

“I imagine most people will be disgusted that anyone would choose to shoot a family pet for their own amusement and I would urge anyone who does know the identity of those responsible to contact the Police on Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.”