Turbine plans spark fears for Strathmiglo

A visualisation of how protesters say the 177ft turbine at Demperston would look
A visualisation of how protesters say the 177ft turbine at Demperston would look

The conservation village of Strathmiglo will become known as “the village under the turbine” if a controversial application gets the go-ahead.

That’s the claim of theAuchtermuchty Landscape and Environmental Group (ALE) ahead of a meeting to consider plans to erect a 54m turbine at Demperston Farm, between Strathmiglo and Auchtermuchty.

Members of north east Fife planning committee will be asked on Wednesday to approve the proposal, which has attracted more than 80 
objections from local residents, including Hamish 
Grossart, owner of Pitlour Estate.

He says the turbine would “ruin” the setting of A-listed Pitlour House, recognised as one of the most important in Scotland.

The application has been lodged by Berwick-based E-Gen Ltd. via its agent, Green cat Renewables.

But ALE claims that the turbine is out of scale in the landscape and will destroy the setting of Strathmiglo, which has conservation status.

“The applicant completely underestimates the visual impact on the village,” said ALE chairman David White.

“The turbine is on high ground where it will overlook and dominate the setting of the village.

“We have commissioned a professionally-prepared visualisation from the amenity area in the middle of the village near the bowling green so that people can judge for themselves how a turbine will affect this well-used part of the village.”

However the developer has challenged the accuracy of the group’s visualisation, saying that the turbine would only really be seen from the more elevated hilltops in the area, and that there would be no significant cumulative effects between Demperston and the three 27m turbines at Rossie Farm, near Auchtermuchty.

However, Mr White claimed: “Developers never produce visualisations from places that reveal the truly damaging impacts of their proposals.

“Recent decisons by the area planning committee to refuse turbines with a detrimental effect on local visual amenity give us hope that this application will be turned down.”