‘Tusker’ hailed a success in Glenrothes

Inspector Derek Paxton
Inspector Derek Paxton

Police in Glenrothes have hailed their month-long operation to tackle violent disorder and antisocial behaviour in the region a success.

‘Operation Tusker’ involved officers paying particular focus to violent crime, including domestic violence and violent behaviour in public areas, which have a predicted seasonal increase.

The Gazette was given exclusive access to shadow officers as they carried out their duties - it was featured in last week’s paper - and now the results of the campaign have been reported.

Officers used stop and search powers to target violent crime in public places which included 109 undertaken in the Glenrothes area during the operation.

Of those, 53 proved positive with individuals being found in possession of weapons, drugs and alcohol.

A further 22 violent offenders were also apprehended on warrant.

Also, 24 litres of illegally possessed alcohol was seized and 15 fixed penalty tickets were issued for alcohol possession related offences.

Of particular comfort to residents will be the 186 additional patrols which took place during the operation.

Inspector Derek Paxton said: “By analysing information from previous years,it allowed us to effectively target resources in the right place at the right time to tackle our priority issues throughout Glenrothes.

“The use of stop and search powers was instrumental in removing significant amounts of illegal drugs and alcohol off the streets and whilst we are mindful of public perception around its use, the priority is to target the right people at the right time at the right place.”