A MYSTERIOUS Fife murder which happened almost thirteen years ago is to be reconstructed on TV.

Sandy Drummond (33), a quiet man from Boarhills, was found dead on a farm track road on June 24, 1991, but police have never found his killer.

The mystery was featured on TV's 'Crimewatch' some time ago.

But a reconstruction of the events leading up to his baffling murder is now set to be broadcast tomorrow night (Thursday, February 12) on ITV's 'Unsolved - Getting Away With Murder' at 7.30 p.m.

Sandy's death was initially treated as natural, but forensics subsequently revealed he had injuries to his neck.

However when police investigated the murder they found more questions than answers, and now they are hoping the public can help them.

Why had Sandy removed 760 – which police later found neatly stacked in his home – from bank accounts in the days leading up to his death?

And why had he handed in a letter of resignation to his employers at Guardbridge Paper Mill only four days before he died?

Police subsequently heard from a witness that an orange-red Morris Marina had been regularly spotted at the cottage Sandy shared with his brother.

The car was seen twice on the day of Sandy's death, and yet Sandy's brother never knew the car owner.

Superintendent Dougie Potter of Fife Constabulary commented the case was very frustrating because ''on the face of it, it should be solvable''.

But information from the public was scanty, no doubt because Sandy never socialised with anyone.

An ex-colleague said: ''It was a sad fact that when Sandy died a lot of people at the mill did not know who he was.''