TV Preview - with Lori Cormack

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Attenborough’s Ark: Natural World Special

(Friday, BBC2, 9.00p.m.)

David Attenborough - a legend in every sense of the word. How old is he again? Back with another wildlife special, this time he’s counting down his top ten animals for an imaginary ark in order to save them from inevitable extinction. But remember, this is Attenborough, so don’t expect to see any boring tigers or elephants in this list - we’re talking species of the more unusual variety. For example, the olm of Croatia - ever heard of it? No, me neither. Apparently it’s basically a see-through snake with legs, which is totally blind and lives in complete darkness. Explains a lot. Of course, Attenborough is as charming as ever, and even if you get slightly bored - I’m sure you won’t - the calming tones of this TV heavyweight should send you off to sleep no problem.

The Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance

(Saturday, BBC1, 9.15p.m.)

BBC favourite and probably the most Welsh guy on telly, Huw Edwards, leads this emotional and uplifting tribute to the victims of war and conflict ahead of the wreath laying at the Cenotaph on Sunday.

Taking part in this annual event at the Royal Albert Hall are Rod Stewart, Alexandra Burke, Russell Watson and the chart-topping Military Wives Choir. Show your respect during the two minute silence and watch as thousands of poppies fall from the roof, each one representing a life lost.

I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

(Sunday, ITV1, 9.00p.m.)

The circus is back in town and as always, things are sure to get a little crazy and (melo-)dramatic over the next three weeks.

The line up this year reads as a who’s who of “who?”, as we try to work out where each of the so-called celebrities come from. There are a few recognisable faces, namely singer Grace Jones, who may be the epitome of Amazonian beauty, but can you really imagine her slumming it in a camp and eating a kangaroo’s nether-regions?

As always, the first episode will reveal this years group of celebrity misfits, as they mingle in a luxury hotel and pretend to know each other, before heading off to the jungle in a couple of helicopters and making their way to camp by air or boat (the skydivers always ensure a few laughs).

Of course, the Geordie ring-leaders Ant and Dec return as hosts, and I have to admit I do feel a twinge of jealously every time they do their opening lines, basking in the Australian sunshine at 7.00 a.m. as we freeze back here in the November frost.


(Sunday, E4, 10.00p.m.)

The fourth series has returned with a bang and this week the violence and comedy continues.

Episode three provides plenty of laughs thanks to Joe Gilgun’s (‘This is England’) character Rudy - amazing casting on behalf of the production team last season. Rudy, who has the power to split into two is battling with a third evil doppelganger, while Curtis isn’t making things any better with their mental probation officer.