Tweet dreams – The Mail, Twitter and ‘Trainspotting’ author help teen land a job

Irvine Welsh re-tweeted his support for Jonathan.
Irvine Welsh re-tweeted his support for Jonathan.
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A WINDYGATES teenager got a new job and unwittingly became an internet hit after placing an advert in the East Fife Mail.

Jonathan Halliday took out a small paid-for-advert in the Mail printed on January 16.

It simply stated he was a 17-year-old “hard working labourer” looking for work, had 10 months experience and held a Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) card.

But little did Jonathan, a former pupil at Bell Baxter High School, know, a stranger in the form of Mike Clark from Kirkcaldy would be so impressed by his ‘can-do’ attitude that he would make it his mission to help find him a job.

Mike uploaded Jonathan’s advert onto Facebook and Twitter the next day with a note praising him for his initiative asking people to help find him a job.

The post was shared by over 100 people and thanks to a retweet by ‘Trainspotting’ author Irvine Welsh it was seen by over 50000 Twitter users.

Impressed with Jonathan’s attitude, local firm Gardiner Window Services promptly called the teen and offered him an interview then hired him on a one-month-trial basis.

Jonathan, who ironically doesn’t use Facebook or Twitter, said: “I’m really chuffed, I didn’t expect it at all.

“It’s really good that people could appreciate that I put in the advert and do that for me - maybe they liked it as it shows that not all young people want to just sit about.

“I always read the paper and look for jobs in it so I asked my mum if anybody ever placed adverts in it looking for work.”

Working in a trade is a dream job for Jonathan who added sitting about unemployed wasn’t an option.

He continued: “I went to college and did NC sport and fitness but I wanted to just get a job as a I was sick of sitting in a classroom.

“I worked on a building site at a small firm knocking down a cottage.

“That was only for a week but I ended up staying for 10 months.

“I refuse to sign on the dole. There has been times that I could have but always decided against it.”

Mike too said he was delighted by the outcome: “I saw the advert the young lad placed, and just in the off chance put it on Twitter and Facebook. I was pretty impressed that he took the initiative. A lot of people got behind it, and I thought it was a nice touch by Irvine Welsh to retweet it to all of his followers. It goes to show you that people do care. I’m really glad it worked out for him.”

Jonathan’s mum Lynn Halliday, who paid for the advert on the basis Jonathan will pay her back, added: “I’m so proud of him, he’s a grafter and he’s got his head screwed on.”