Twin Miss GB hopefuls in skydive plan

Twin sisters Christina and Louisa Thomson will skydive for Miss GB's charities.
Twin sisters Christina and Louisa Thomson will skydive for Miss GB's charities.

Twin sisters are set to make two steps into the unknown – one of them literally!

Louisa Thomson, a mental health nurse based in Kirkcaldy, and sister Christina, a children’s nurse at Victoria Hospital, have both won through to the final stages of the Miss Great Britain beauty competition, despite neither ever having modelled before.

And if that wasn’t enough, the 27-year-olds from Glenrothes have also decided to skydive in aid of the competition’s chosen charities.

Louisa said: “It’s something that we’ve always thought about, but we’ve both been so focused on our careers,” whilst Christina added: “I’ve got a wee girl who’ll be one in two weeks so I’ve been focused on that as well.

“But we thought this is the right time, lets just go for it. It’s something a bit different.”

Louisa said: “I looked at it and thought, well I wonder if all these other girls have been doing it for a long time? I didn’t know if we could do it, but here we are!

“We’re both really looking forward to it and we’re glad we’re in it together.”
The pair were chosen as two of the 40 finalists via an online competition and, having been given their own titles, will head to Leicester for the final on September 14 and 15.

“I think a lot of people think in a pageant that you’re just prancing about in make up, but it’s tough,” Louisa said.

“There’s a Miss Charity round where each contestant is trying to raise the most amount for their chosen charity.”

Christina said: “We’ve got our own individual sponsors ourselves. So we thought it would be a great opportunity to promote the passions that we have.

“Louisa’s sponsor is Mental Health and mine is The Cookie Jar Foundation, which is a local charity, so it’s a great platform for them both.”

Whilst both admit to some nerves, they don’t compare to the prospect of a skydive in aid of Miss GB’s chosen charities, LAMP and Global’s Let’s Make Some Noise, at Fife Airport in Glenrothes on June 26.

“I’m scared of heights,” Louisa said, “But I’m going to try and hold myself together for Christina – and vice-versa!”

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