Two-school solution would have been best, says Tory candidate

Huw Bell has concerns about building on the Green Belt.
Huw Bell has concerns about building on the Green Belt.

North East Fife Conservative candidate Huw Bell insists there should have been a two-school solution to the problem of Madras College’s crumbling buildings.

Mr Bell said the Conservatives in Fife had consistently proposed a two-school solution for Madras College – one in St Andrews and one in the Tay Bridgehead – as the majority of the school’s pupils were bussed in from the north.

This, he said, would have alleviated traffic impacts and reduced the costs of transport and building a new school in St Andrews, where land is expensive.

“After multiple changes of plans for the school during SNP/Liberal Democrat and Labour council administrations, however, the decision was made to build a new school at the Pipelands site,” said Mr Bell.

“I believe that this process has taken too much time and money due to the poor efforts by successive administrations and continues to fail the best interests of pupils, parents and all taxpayers.

“I am concerned about the land that has been selected due to potential issues with flooding and the purchase price, which is far in excess of market rates for green belt land that would otherwise not be developed.

“STEPAL is perfectly within its rights to appeal against the findings of the judicial review.

“However, I now hope that this long running sage will be resolved and that children and parents will get the school that they deserve.

“We also believe that lessons must be learned and those responsible for this debacle publicly held to account.”