Two years of planning go down the drain


PLANS for a £100,000 upgrade of a Lower Largo toilet block and surrounding car park look likely to be cancelled because of a lack of funding.

For the past two and a half years, the Largo Area Community Council has been working to improve the facilities at the village’s Temple Car Park.

It had hoped to raise cash for a refurbishment, which would have seen the car park re-surfaced, disabled toilets installed, and a sheltered area created alongside new car park lighting and seating.

But Irene Kay, chair of the Temple car park project committee, set up by the community council to investigate the possibility, told the Mail the project appeared to be “over” after the group met with Fife Council’s environmental services.

“We are absolutely devastated,” she continued.

“We were told the only proposal on offer would be for environmental services to transfer the ownership of the block to us. They then would stop funds and it would be up to the community council to pay ongoing running costs, which are over £9000 per year.

“Fife Council would therefore gain a totally refurbished facility and offload the building and running costs to the community.

“No way could we take that over. We were willing to pay for the upgrade and expected Fife Council to maintain it the way it is doing now.

“We would have to raise funds year on year and we can’t do that, as there are very little grants available for maintenance costs.”

Originally, the group outlined plans for a £1.2million overhaul of the car park which would have seen a picnic area, promenade walkway and boat storage added to the village’s shorefront car park. Those ambitious plans were shelved after a round of three public consultations and the more modest refurbishment was agreed.

Ms Kay added her team had requested to be stood down from the project by the community council, as members were unwilling to put any more time or effort into the plans that looked unlikely to go any further.

However, the committee re-considered to give the community council more time to investigate other ways forward with Fife Council.

Ms Kay added: “We are just going to have to wait and see but without funding for maintenance, it’s not going to happen.”