Tyre fire no threat to public health

Pictures: Steven Brown
Pictures: Steven Brown

Firefighters tackled a blaze of burning tyres yesterday (April 25) in Coaltown of Balgonie.

The smoke from the fire could be seen as far as Dundee and Edinburgh.

A spokesman from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said: “Firefighters from Glenrothes, Methil and Kirkcaldy rushed to the scene at 7.24pm and extinguished a large quantity of tyres using water jets at 9.45pm.

“They remained on scene dampening down and checking for hot spots.”

Councillor Ross Vettraino reassured local residents that the authorities are doing all they can to ensure that there is no threat to public health or the environment following the fire. He said: “Tyres can no longer be disposed of at landfill sites. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency are checking the site and ensuring that it is fully licensed as it should have been.”