U-turn over hated speed hump issue in Glenrothes

Cllr Ian Sloan next to the speed humps in Glamis Road, Glenrothes. Pictures by George McLuskie.
Cllr Ian Sloan next to the speed humps in Glamis Road, Glenrothes. Pictures by George McLuskie.

Public pressure has forced a u-turn on controversial traffic calming measures currently causing concern for motorists in Pitteuchar.

Common sense prevailed as councillors unanimously agreed in November to look at alternative options to be considered after nearly 400 residents signed a petition calling for the removal of what they describe as “vicious and aggressive” restrictions on Glamis Avenue.

Resident Elizabeth Hepburn, who organised the petition, said at the time that the severity of the rubber speed humps were driving motorists and shoppers away from the area and were having a detrimental effect on trade at the Glamis Shopping Centre.

Now ward councillors have given cross party support for Fife Council to replace the offending speed restrictions with an alternative system of slowing traffic down on what is already a 20mph restricted road.

Councillor Ian Sloan said the changes would come as a great relief for many suffering residents and added: “I am pleased that the views of the Community Council residents and the local ward councillors has been taken heed of and the unpopular speed cushions will go, while retaining the pedestrian safety measures.

“In addition the underpass to the Glamis Centre will be upgraded to encourage pedestrians to avoid crossing the road to the shopping centre.”

Ian B Smith from the council’s mid Fife traffic management department said the upgraded design will include electronic speed indicators, two sets of narrowings so traffic has to give way to the opposing flow and one speed cushion in the centre of the road at each of the narrowings.

He added: “The speed cushion design is the standard one which has been effective in controlling speeds elsewhere in Glenrothes and has a much better ride quality than the rubber ones. These measures aim to maintain the good safety record on this road and to resolve the concerns raised by the petitioners.”

Work is expected to be completed before the end of the year.