UFO - or something more down to earth?

THEY say the truth is out there, and after a close encounter with a UFO on his way home from work, one Cupar man is hoping they’re right.

William Simpson (42) is at a loss to explain the bright lights he saw in the sky above St Michaels as he drove through the village last Thursday evening.

He’s hoping clued-up locals or another driver will be able to account for what he describes as the strangest experience of his life.

Mr Simpson said: “I was driving back from Dundee to Cupar at about 9.15pm last Thursday.

“As I approached the turn-off for Balmullo at the St Michaels Inn, I saw an articulated lorry all lit up in a field on the right hand side.

“I looked up at the sky and saw two bright white lights like car headlights on full beam, with two red lights at the side.”

He went on: “The sky was so black that all I could really see were the lights.

“There was no noise — it was very quiet.

“They were up about the height of two tower blocks of flats and the white lights looked circular.

“It was definitely very strange — I’ve never experienced anything like that in my 42 years.

“I thought, ‘Was that real? Did I see that or was I dreaming?’”

An answer to the mystery could come from nearby RAF Leuchars, while Mr Simpson says he initially believed amusements were being set up in the field.

A spokesman for Fife Police said the force had received no reports of UFO sightings above St Michaels, but Mr Simpson believes other motorists must have seen the object.

He said: “There were about seven or eight cars in front of me, and they all slowed down to about 10 or 15 miles per hour as we approached St Michaels.

“They must all have been looking at the sky.

“I should have pulled over to have a closer look, but it was only about a mile down the road that it really sunk in.”

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) department which dealt with UFO sightings closed in 2009 as part of a money-saving exercise.

Reports are now no longer investigated by the MoD, which had looked into 12,000 cases since the department was set up in 1950.

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