UKIP! The Musical The Space @Surgeons Hall (Venue 53)

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UKIP! The Musical

The Space @Surgeons Hall (Venue 53)

If ever any politician deserved to be poked with a sharp satirical stick then it’s Nigel Farage.

The self-styled man of the people - albeit a privately educated, stockbroker kinda of ordinary guy - is well and truly sent up in this smashing, slick, fast-paced musical.

It also lampoons all the party leaders - including a hysterical Nicola Sturgeon and bonkers Boris Johnson - but it’s Farage who takes centre stage as it tells the story of his rise.

The story of how UKIP came to be formed is woven into the narrative, and it’s safe to say all the fruit loops are lampooned en route through some fabulous original songs; Godfrey Bloom is introduced with a song entitled Bongo Bongo Land, while UKIP’s anthem is unveiled as ‘Let’s Pull Up The Drawbridge’ complete with a cheeky, slightly rude final line, complete with an opportunity, panto-style, to sing a long.

The musical rattles along with great pace and a sense of fun as the cast poke fun at pretty much everyone who’s anyone on the political scene.

They are playing to full houses too - and deservedly so.

UKIP! The Musical is simply great fun.