Uncertain future for under used Kinglassie facilities

The library/clinic building in Main Street, Kinglassie.  Pic by Fife Photo Agency.
The library/clinic building in Main Street, Kinglassie. Pic by Fife Photo Agency.

A Glenrothes councillor has warned that it is too soon to “pass a death sentence” on one of Kinglassie’s iconic buildings.

SNP opposition leader Peter Grant made the comment during a debate at this month’s Glenrothes Area Committee to decide the future of four Council-owned buildings in the village.

A proposal to temporary close Kinglassie Library and clinic building, relocating community groups to the Mitchell Hall, while exploring an appropriate future for the building, was approved six votes to five along party lines by councillors.

Mr Grant added the committee were being asked to decide fate of a prominent Victorian building without having conducted a full appraisal of all the options.

“We are discussing these buildings as if they are liabilities not as assets as they should be, these building have a significant value if sold to the right group at the right time,” said Mr Grant.

He also called for a guarantee that money from any subsequent sale be reinvested directly back into Kinglassie.

Altany Craik, Area Committee chairman responded: “I understand the reservations but we’ve ducked this decision in the past and repairs to the library building as it is now will be immense.”

The report indicated the library cost £18,000 a year to keep open and that an estimated £330,000 would be required to address immediate concerns over the condition of the roof and electrical wiring.

Mr Grant called for a long-term sustainability package for Kinglassie adding: “By pooling all resources we could achieve a totally new facility, costing Fife Council nothing.

“We have examples that this type of approach can be successful and deliver rewards, if it can be done in Kirkcaldy and Levenmouth building new schools then I’m certain with the approach the same can de achieved for the people of Kinglassie.”