Uncle Varick: Adam Smith Theatre

Rapture Theatre brings 'Uncle Varick' to Adam Smith Theatre'May 2014
Rapture Theatre brings 'Uncle Varick' to Adam Smith Theatre'May 2014

Love, loss and disappointment - maybe not the three most upbeat themes to look forward to on a Friday night after a long week at the coal face.

But ‘Uncle Varick’ - John Byrne’s adaptation of Chekhov’s ‘Uncle Vanya’ - wrapped them in plenty of good Scottish humour.

He brought 19th century Russia into the swinging Sixties and then relocated it to a remote Scottish estate.

He was also in the audience for Friday’s performance at the Adam Smith Theatre.

The cast include many familiar names and faces.

Jimmy Chisholm plays Varick, an intelligent, well read man who keeps the family estate ticking over - but his was a life filled with regret and disappointment; feelings brought to the fore with the arrival of his brother Sandy (John Stahl - a fellow former ‘High Road’ actor), a pompous, opinionated art critic from London and his new, much younger, and rather bored, second trophy wife.

The estate effectively generates the income which sustains his city lifestyle but he was, at best, indifferent to the work which went into keeping it going- and the two clash, to the point of a slightly farcical attempted murder.

Pity rather than self-pity was the name of the game as Varick looked back with dismay, and ahead to, well, more of the same.

Dave Anderson - ‘tumshie features’ - added a musical score as he wandered in with his guitar and a election of numbers from the 60s songbook. ‘Cry Me A River’ worked best of all.

And for a play all about great disappointment, it entertained rather nicely.

Touring until June 7.