Under fire Dunfermline MSP protests innocence

Bill Walker MSP at Holyrood on 18 April
Bill Walker MSP at Holyrood on 18 April

A Dunfermline MSP at the centre of domestic abuse allegations is fighting back at the claims.

Dunfermline MSP Bill Walker was expelled by the SNP after it emerged his three former wives had accused him of physical violence and is now an independent MSP.

He denies the claims and said he was the victim of a “smear campaign”.

Mr Walker, who is now an independent MSP, attended Holyrood on Wednesday 18 April when he declined to speak to reporters.

Earlier in the week he issued a statement which said: “I have tried to avoid fuelling a media feeding frenzy regarding allegations in relation to my former private life. However, the allegations have become so distressing that I feel compelled to issue a brief statement.”

The MSP, who was to reported to have admitted to a daily newspaper that he slapped a former wife in self defence, said: “I have never assaulted anyone as claimed in various reports, and not a single allegation made against me has ever been tested in Court.

“My belief is that these allegations are part of an orchestrated smear campaign to which I shall not be succumbing. I shall continue to serve the interests of the people of my Dunfermline constituency.”

He was suspended by the SNP before being expelled from the party and has the right to appeal the decision which Mr Walker said he was considering.

First minister Alex Salmond said: “The process in the Scottish National Party is not complete and I can’t comment. Once that is complete we’ll make a very full statement.

“He has been expelled from the SNP, but he has the right of appeal, and that process has a bit of a way to go.”

“I think there’s serious allegations concerning Mr Walker. He’s no longer a member of the SNP - I’ve got no control over him.

“I don’t actually think it is appropriate, I think my view is that he should complete the processes in the party, he should be looking at ways to clear his name - these are allegations after all - I think that would be a much better way to proceed.

“But one thing’s for certain - he won’t be sitting on the SNP benches.”

Should Mr Walker decide to stand down as Dunfermline’s MSP it would trigger a by-election in the constituency.