Under siege in my own flat

Dallas Drive
Dallas Drive
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A SOLDIER has voiced fears for his kids’ safety after repeated vandalism and attempted break-ins at his Council flat in Kirkcaldy.

Since moving into the property in Dallas Drive in December, Private Robert Lockhart (26) has endured 31 incidents.

Most recently, on Saturday night he was assaulted trying to catch intruders.

The father-of-two, who is separated from his partner, said: “My eight-month old son is too young to stay over but my four-year-old girl is absolutely petrified and cries when she knows she’s coming here.”

Pte Lockhart, who serves from RAF Leuchars, told the Press problems began in January.

“It started with banging on the door at night but I just put that down to people trying to get into the flat.

“Then, four to five weeks ago someone came to the door and my four year-old opened it.

“Two men stood there and asked to buy drugs.”

Soon afterwards, someone tried to kick down his balcony door in the early hours of the morning.

He continued: “A month ago, at 10 o’clock at night I heard loud banging. I came downstairs and saw that someone had smashed the door in.

“They had also scraped the words ‘druggy’ and ‘grass’ on the door.”

Chillingly, Pte Lockhart later discovered someone had bent and buckled the handle on his balcony door after using brute force to gain entry.

Two weeks ago, they tried again.

“I woke up and noticed the corner of a window had been smashed. They had removed the seal around the window frame and tried to make a hole to get in.”


And, on Saturday, Pte Lockhart disrupted two men as they tried to break in from the balcony.

“I went outside and opened the door and they scarpered,” he said.

“I chased them down the hill and was ambushed by another two, who’d obviously been waiting behind a fence.”

Pte Lockhart suffered minor head injuries after being assaulted by one male.

“It’s pathetic,” he commented.

“You wake up in the morning and wonder what’s going to happen next.

“If I was on my own, I would deal with it, but how can someone be expected to live like this when they have kids?”

According to Pte Lockhart, the Council’s housing investigation team described his situation as “low-key domestic abuse” and would not automatically move him.

Instead, he would be required to pay rent for temporary accommodation and his Council flat while the team conducted a 21-day investigation.

He said: “It’s disgusting getting treated by the Council like this.”

Gordon Hope, area housing and neighbourhoods team leader, said Fife Council took a pro-active approach to all cases of anti-social behaviour.

“Mr Lockhart is in daily contact with our officers who are actively investigating the case and working with Fife Police to get evidence to corroborate these incidents,” he said.

“The case has been passed to the housing investigations team who will be in contact with Mr Lockhart at the earliest opportunity.

“Our community wardens will also be increasing their patrols in the area.”