Undercover Adele shocks Fife tribute act

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An uncertain reaction to a surprise call from the BBC led a Kirkcaldy tribute act into a viral prank of singer Adele impersonating herself.

Joanie Stewart, 43, was overwhelmed to be able to meet her act’s inspiration and to hear her sing live: “Before I knew it was a disguise, I thought ‘Jenny’ was miming.

“I realised something wasn’t right and my staightfaced reaction is nothing more than shock.”

Joanie, who had been performing in Elie the night before, was flown to London to take part in what she thought was a BBC documentary. “It was such an amazing day. I felt like star as I got my make-up done and was filmed all day. When Adele revealed herself we all flooded the stage and got a hug and a chance to chat to her. She is such a down to earth girl.”

Joanie, who also performs cabaret and support for other tribute acts, has been ‘doing’ Adele for five years. The prank was part of “Adele at the BBC,” hosted by Graham Norton.

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