Uniform appeal for new blazers?

Some of the first years in their new uniforms. Photo: Dave Scott
Some of the first years in their new uniforms. Photo: Dave Scott

Efforts to standardise school dress at Cupar’s Bell Baxter High School are paying off following a decision to bring back the blazer.

Despite some disappointment following a glitch with an order for a batch of blazers from the suppliers which will now not be delivered until next month, there has been a noticeable increase in pupils wearing them upon returning from the school break.

School rector Phil Black explained: “We undertook a whole school review of our dress code and included staff, parents and pupils in the review.

“Interestingly, it was prompted by some pupils asking us if they might be allowed to wear a blazer.

“As a result, we have taken a more formal approach - out goes the polo shirt and sweat shirt with all pupils expected to wear a shirt/blouse and tie.”

Mr Black added: “The blazer has always been part of the uniform but we have now placed more emphasis on it.

“Although it can’t be compulsory we do have an expectation that it will be worn.”

Mr Black went on to say he felt the response to the new uniform policy had been fantastic and estimates that between 1300 and 1400 pupils are now wearing blazers.

Commenting on the delay in receiving a blazer order, he said: “ It was difficult to get a supplier who could provide both a wool and polyester option and the cloth had to be dyed abroad and this led to a delay.

“The same wool blazer is now nearly half price and the polyester is just over £30 with a badge. This is a much more economic option for less well off families who previously faced the fashion pressure to buy expensive tops.”

He added: “S1 pupils have also been presented with a tie from the Parent Council.”

The move to a complete uniform seems to have been well received by pupils - judging by the number of very smartly attired youngsters we saw at the school this week.

We spoke to several S1 pupils and all were impressed by the latest additions to their wardrobes.

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