Union call to suspend principal

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THE principal of the Adam Smith College should be suspended according to the country’s largest education union.

Despite Dr Craig Thomson visiting all of the college’s Fife campuses last week in an attempt to appease staff following allegations of bullying and harassment, the EIS/FELA branch of Adam Smith College still called for his suspension on Friday.

Allegations were reported on a website named ‘It’s Our College Not Craig’s’ and staff members complained to MSP David Torrance that there were long-standing harassment issues.

There are currently two Public Interest Disclosure procedures, involving two members of staff, being investigated.

However, it’s alleged that, despite finding sufficient evidence to back up the claims, investigations were stopped by management members.

The establishment refutes the accusations and said it has procedures in place to deal with inappropriate behaviour.

The row has resulted in Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, ordering an investigation into the claims.

The union met recently where a motion was passed unanimously, saying members had no confidence the college was able to provide a “working and learning environment which is free from harassment and bullying, and in which the dignity of all individuals is respected.”

It also calls on the college’s board of governors to suspend the principal and those members under investigation until an independent inquiry has been concluded

In response, Dr Thomson said: “The allegations made are unfounded and quite ridiculous.

“However, in the spirit of open engagement, I feel it’s necessary to meet face-to-face with all staff members to discuss any concerns they may have.

“No member of staff should be subject to bullying or hostility and no staff at Adam Smith College should be the victim of malicious actions designed to undermine or discredit them.”