‘United front’ call on Tanshall closure

Councillor Peter Grant with Tanshall school closure protestors
Councillor Peter Grant with Tanshall school closure protestors

Two Glenrothes councillors are seeking the support of fellow area committee members in a bid to save Tanshall school from closure.

Peter Grant and Bill Brown, whose ward includes the threatened school, are asking the committee when it meets on January 8, to agree a motion calling on the Executive Committee to reject the closure proposal and keep the school open.

Mr Grant told the Gazette: “It’s now well over a year since the Council started detailed work on their school closure programme, and nine months since they announced their intention to close Tanshall.

“Since then the Council has failed to put forward a single credible argument to support their proposal.

“By contrast a small group of parents and pupils, with virtually no resources, has presented a compelling case for keeping their school open.

“It’s time the council started listening to parents and pupils and accepted that the closure plan is wrong.”

Mr Grant is the only representative of Tanshall who has a vote on the Executive Committee that will decide the school’s fate.

He added: “It would be quite possible for the Executive to vote to close the school and three out of the four local councillors would have no say in their decision.

“By putting this on the agenda for the area committee, where all the local councillors can speak and vote, we’re giving them the chance to speak with a united voice and tell the council the school should stay open.”

Euan Howells, a parent leading the fight to save the school said:”The fate of Tanshall should rest at local level.

“Three of our councillors will not have a vote on what is a major issue within their ward, and that is unacceptable,

“Similar proposals have been overturned in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh so there’s still time for us to save Tanshall school.”