Unveiled - a new look for Town Square

The Provost's lamps at Kirkcaldy Town House which are set to be moved into the revamped Town Square
The Provost's lamps at Kirkcaldy Town House which are set to be moved into the revamped Town Square

Detailed drawings of how Kirkcaldy’s town square could look when it is given a £50,000 makeover have been unveiled.

The drawings, done by a landscape architect following suggestions from members of the public, shows the current area of trees and shrubs separating the square from the main road between the Adam Smith roundabout and the bus station, cleared to make way for a more open, public area.

The trees and bushes would be replaced by a levelled area with a circular granite-slabbed centre bearing the towns coat of arms, with wave-shaped seating area, recycled public sculptures, grassed areas and two ornate gates at either side.

The town’s historic Provost’s lamps, which are currently situated to the side of the Town House overlooking the bus station, would be moved to be incorporated in the new area, and LED lighting would illuminate the steps leading from the square up to the new space, with two panels on the front fencing with the Kirkcaldy skyline, the Kirkcaldy’s Ambitions logo, on them.

The B-listed Provosts’ lamps at the Town House comprise the six lamps of the royal burghs which joined together in 1975 to form Kirkcaldy District – Kirkcaldy, Burntisland, Kinghorn, Buckhaven and Methil, Leven and Markinch. There was a seventh for Leslie which is currently missing, with investigations underway to try to find out where it is. They used to stand outside the Provosts houses and were brought to this site in 1975.

Low level planting and an information board about the history of the Provost’s lamps would complete the work which is to be carried out to open up the square to the public and encourage greater use of the facility.

Danny Cepok, Kirkcaldy’s area services manager, said the plans for the work had been lodged with Fife Council and advertised, and were currently at the consultation stage.

Details are available online with the reference number 15/03300/FULL.

“The idea behind this plan, which was formulated with the Kirkcaldy’s Ambitions group, is to create a welcoming and open public area.

“At present people coming into the bus station or driving by in their cars don’t really get much of a view of what is behind the trees and bushes.

‘‘Opening it up will hopefully attract people going past to come and spend time in the square,” he said.

“We have asked Kirkcaldy West Community Council and Kirkcaldy Civic Society for their views on the plans and the public will have their chance to respond before the work starts.”

Mr Cepok explained that, if the plans are given approval, the area will be cleared and levelled, with work planned to start early in the new year.