Up on the woof - dog takes a walk on the tiles in Fife town


A woman was left gobsmacked after she spotted a daring dog walking along the roof of a neighbour’s house - after it climbed out a Velux window.

The unnamed dog, thought to be a terrier cross, was spotted on Saturday evening on the roof of a residential property above a bakery in Newburgh.

Local artist Alison McIntyre spotted the pooch from her living room window while relaxing watching TV around 8.30pm and rushed outside to find the dog’s owner.

The 51-year-old, who lives with her partner Jason, also 51, watched as the dog paraded along the roof above the Tower Bakery in the town’s High Street.

Alison said: “I was sitting watching TV when I noticed something out the corner of my eye.

“At first we thought it was a cat or a bird but when we looked closer we couldn’t believe it was a dog.

“I rushed outside to see if I could speak to the neighbour but there was no answer.

“I went round the back and it came down the other side of the roof where there’s a lower roof and a Velux window where it must’ve got out.”

Alison stayed outside until the owner was eventually contacted on Facebook and returned to retrieve the courageous canine.

Alison, who had seen nothing like it before, said: “It looked so unsafe up there but the wee dog didn’t seem to be fazed.

“It didn’t bark or anything either, it was just looking down at us looking up at it.”