Uplifting response to park culvert plans

The collapsed culvert in the Haugh Park. (Photo by Dave Scott)
The collapsed culvert in the Haugh Park. (Photo by Dave Scott)

There has been a positive response to plans to open up the culvert through the Cart Haugh in Cupar and allow a natural burn to flow through the popular park.

Fife Council recently produced detailed drawings which went on display in the town.

It would involve the removal of the culvert, which runs from near the park entrance, opposite the Fluthers car park, to an outlet into the River Eden.

It was almost two years ago that barriers were erected after a gaping hole appeared in a section of culvert, near the children’s play area.

A report into the collapse, prepared by Council engineers, revealed that the structure probably dated from the 1850s.

Camera surveys showed that the brick arches were in “very poor” condition, had almost no cover and very little load capacity.

It was thought the initial damage was caused in December 2012 when there was extensive flooding in Cupar, particularly in the vicinity of the Eden. With the Lady Burn unable to discharge into the Eden, the water probably backed up, causing the culvert to collapse.

Cupar Community Council has discussed the matter on several occasions and has broadly backed the plans for the open burn.

A few members have expressed reservations, however, fearing for the safety of children.

Council secretary Douglas Provan said this week that he had seen the drawings for the park and thought they were acceptable, although he acknowledged that some people still had concerns.

Fife Council has been invited to give a presentation on its plans for the park at the next meeting of the community council.

One of the town’s Fife councillors, Margaret Kennedy, who has been actively pursing the matter, said this week she was “very happy” with the proposals.

“There has been some nervousness about the open water, but the plans have been very well thought out, which should mitigate this.

“Overall, the project will enhance the park.”

She hoped that a funding package could be put together involving Fife Environment Trust, Leader and Cupar Common Good Fund - the latter requiring the support of the Community Council.