Vandals break windows at Carleton school

Carleton Primary
Carleton Primary

Police in Glenrothes are investigating a series of vandal attacks and damage to property at Carleton Primary School in the last week.

A number of windows have been smashed, causing the school to close classrooms.

Residents living close to the school site have raised concerns in recent weeks over groups of youths congregating on playing fields to the rear of the school grounds. The suggestion that underage drinking may also have taken place has been made.

Inspector Derek Paxton of Glenrothes Police said: “The breaking of windows is mindless and petty vandalism that we must put a stop to. It’s unacceptable behaviour. If anyone has any information regarding the damage or has seen seen anything suspicious in recent evenings at the school then we would like them to get in touch with me at Glenrothes station on 01592 418618.”