Vandals strike at Fife beauty spot for third time in a month

A damaged bird feeder
A damaged bird feeder

Vandals have wrecked parts of a wildlife garden in a Fife park for the third time in a month.

Members of the Friends of Riverside Park group in Glenrothes had only this week finished repairing the damage caused during two previous attacks, only to find that their efforts had been targeted for a third time.

Parts of the garden area have been damaged and bird feeders and nesting boxes, installed to help attract wildlife to the park, have been ripped from trees and smashed.

Pam Hortin, secretary of the Friends group has described the latest attack as “mindless and idiotic”.

“Those responsible need to take a long hard look at themselves,” said Pam.

“One wonders why they do this, what kicks do they get out of spoiling things that give pleasure to other people?

“I imagine they continue on their walk, puffed up and proud of their inane actions.

“I don’t suppose they take into account the hurt and disappointment they cause to people who care or to the people who spent the time and effort to make the park a more welcoming and pleasurable place to visit.”

Despite this latest damage, Pam said members would not be deterred from continuing to do all they could to improve the popular park area.

She also urged anyone who saw those responsible for the damage or knows anything about the latest spate of vandalism to contact the police.