Vandals target pit memorial

Vandals leave bottles, can and broken glass at a memorial site at the former Victoria Pit in West Wemyss
Vandals leave bottles, can and broken glass at a memorial site at the former Victoria Pit in West Wemyss

A West Wemyss resident has condemned vandals who left rubbish and broken glass at the site of a commemorative mural in the village.

Blair Denwette called the actions of those involved “mindless and wanton vandalism”.

He made the discovery at the Victoria Copse last weekend.

Mr Denwette said: “This normally beautiful and tranquil haven was visited by a group who over a short period of time managed to consume a huge amount of alcohol.

‘‘That in itself would not have been too bad, had they not strewn their empties all around the site as well as breaking many bottles throwing them against the cliff face.”

The vandals also lit a fire which burned away specially placed weed retardant mesh which Mr Denwette estimates will cost over £60 to replace.

He has since tidied the area of the cans and bottles, but fears for the safety of youngsters and pets who still want to visit the site as he could not collect all of the broken glass.

Councillor David Graham commented: “A lot of hard work and commitment is given by so many people to make the local area a better place to live, work and visit.

“Mindless vandalism like this is dreadful and very frustrating for everyone involved in making the locality a better place. Fortunately it is rare for this area to be targeted and I have urged the local police and area service team to ensure we take steps where possible to reduce the likelihood of these kind of incidents happening again”

Victoria Copse, formally the Victoria Pit, has been transformed over recent years to be used as a place to commemorate those who gave their lives while working at the pits.

The Buckhaven Beehive, of which Mr Denwette is a project leader, has been heavily involved in turning the area around, and after obtaining funding from a number of sources, was able to employ local artists to work with volunteers and children from nearby Coaltown of Wemyss Primary to create two large scale mosaics.

The Community Payback Scheme was also brought in to install hand crafted wood benches and tidy and maintain the landscaping of the site.

Mr Denwette added: “An area which was set up to encourage children to find out a bit about their history in their area has fallen foul to the few who not only show no respect for themse