Vandals target St Andrews fencing again

There has been public dismay at damage to the wooden planks that form a barrier running along the edge of a St Andrews country walkway.

Friday, 3rd June 2016, 8:30 am
Updated Friday, 3rd June 2016, 11:27 am

The wooden barriers line the edge of the picturesque pathway which follows the Kinness Burn, adjacent to the new Abbey Park housing development and will now be removed, for good.

The fencing which had been put up temporarily was going to be left as part of a legacy woodland walk for use by the public, by developers Robertson Homes but Tim Rhodes, project manager at the Abbey Park site said it would now have to be removed.

“The fencing was temporary but our intention was to leave it in place for members of the general public to enjoy, which a lot of them do. By taking the fencing away we will remove the potential for people to cause further damage.”

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The damage was spotted by Marta Droszkowska Raynor.

She said: “We noticed the damage on Monday morning around 10am.

“The barriers have been there for about six months I think and have already been fixed a few times already.”

Concerned about the potential danger of the now cracked wooden planks, Marta this message for them: “If I could, I would tell them that if they watch too much Kung Fu Panda and have too much energy, then there is plenty of karate, Taekwondo and other classes in St Andrews.

“Or even better there are many weeds that grow over this beautiful walk at Kinnessburn – they could put their energy into cleaning them up.

St Andrews Community Council chairman Callum McLeod condemned any acts of deliberate damage to areas of the town.

He said: “The Community Council would be united in deploring any act of mindless vandalism.

“We are also seeing individuals and groups putting so much time and energy into community projects to make our quality of life better.

“We would, I am sure, fully support vandals, if identified, being made to pay full reparation for the mayhem and destruction they cause.”