Velux workers rally to help Craig’s fund

From left, Bob Lund, Kathy Hendricks, Craig Victory,  Dawn Lund  & Stephen MacCrimmon.
From left, Bob Lund, Kathy Hendricks, Craig Victory, Dawn Lund & Stephen MacCrimmon.

A Kirkcaldy family raising money for their teenage son’s life saving treatment have been “blown away” by the generosity of Velux workers.

Two months ago the Press publicised a drive to raise £20,000 for Craig Victory (19) after Fife NHS refused to offer him immunoglobulin therapy.

I’m absolutely blown away by their generosity.

His mum, Yvonne said: “The article certainly helped get things moving.

“One of the most heart wrenching was a lady, Kathy Hendricks, who had just lost her husband, Henk, and asked at his funeral for all proceeds - nearly £1000 - to go to Craig’s last chance

“Her late husband worked for Velux which started fund raising for Craig culminating in an event two weeks ago where it held a memorial day with fun events through the day and a bow tie ball gown event.”

On Tuesday night, the family receive a cheque from Kathy for an astonishing £6250 bringing the fund to nearly £11,500

“It shows what an honourable, huge character Henks was for this event to occur,” said Yvonne.

“I’m absolutely blown away by their generosity.”

Craig developed a flu virus aged 11 from which he never fully recovered.

He went from a very active, happy, healthy child to a teenager who is bed bound 24 hours a day.

Craig is also in constant debilitating pain, which requires morphine, and has developed multiple medical problems over the last eight years.

These include hyperacusis - extreme aversion to sound - photosensitivity and chemical sensitivity, osteoporosis and scoliosis and autoimmune disorder.

Fife NHS refused immunoglobulin therapy, but NHS Glasgow offered one course of treatment which Craig underwent three weeks ago.

Yvonne admitted the therapy held a high risk.

She said: “There are no guarantees of success and he may not survive. However, this is his only hope. Craig knows the full risks involved with the treatment but simply says ‘I can’t continue to live like this’.

Velux is looking at the possibility of setting up a permanent Henk Hendrick Foundation.

To support Craig visit or @Craigslastchance15.