Very Important Pup in St Andrews

Very important pup in St Andrews
Very important pup in St Andrews

A VIP – very important pup – visited St Andrews Bus Station, recently, to say thanks to a very special person for setting him on a journey to becoming a guide dog.

The £5000 to name the puppy Razor was raised by Mike Reid with match-funding from his employers at the bus station.

Razor is the ninth pup that Mike has raised money to name, with the support of match funding.

He told the Citizen: ‘‘Even after nine pups, it’s always exciting to receive news of how they’re doing. They’re all individual and no two pups have ever had the same report card.

‘‘The best bit is getting to meet them. When you see what they can do at such a young age, you just know they’re going to play a really important part in the life of someone who is blind or partially sighted.’

It costs just under £50,000 to support a Guide Dog partnership from the birth of the pup to its retirement aged about 10. Guide Dogs does not receive any Government funding for this service so without the generosity of public donations, would be unable to support the 4500 Guide Dog partnerships in the UK (call 0870 240 6993 or email