Veteran launches new attack on MoD

Dave Whyte
Dave Whyte

A KIRKCALDY atomic veteran has launched a new attack on the Ministry of Defence.

David Whyte believes there are links between the way the Government department has handled information about the levels of radiation he was exposed to when serving in the armed forces in the 1950s and the current controversy over who is responsible for radiation levels on Dalgety Bay beach.

Mr Whyte - who is awaiting a judgement tribunal report after he took the MoD to court for refusing to give him information about radiation levels on Christmas Island - thinks it’s time the Department was held to account for the growing Fife scandal.

He said “The MoD says there was no radiation on Christmas Island other than luminous dials - even though numerous atomic and hydrogen bombs were exploded there.

‘‘I believe it is a gigantic cover up. I called it the Ministry of Deceit rather than Ministry of Defence.

“The lengths the MoD has gone to cover up the atrocities committed against the servicemen who attended the nuclear tests is on par with the cover up of the radiation found at Dalgety Bay.

‘‘On one side of Dalgety Bay there is Torness nuclear power station and on the other side there are seven rusting hulks of nuclear submarines at Rosyth.’’

The MoD has signed a joint agreement with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency to investigate Dalgety Bay beach site further, and this is expected to continue until next summer.

Mr Whyte is one of more than 1000 veterans fighting for ompensation over Christmas Island.

He saw two atom bombs and three hydrogen bombs tested on the Pacific Island in 1958.

As a result, he alleges he was left sterile and suffered various health problems.

He claims he and his fellow soldiers from the Royal Engineers were only given protective clothing for one test. At a recent hearing held at the Tribunals Court in London, Mr Whyte claimed his attempts to obtain information from his medical records were blocked.

He claims these have been “conveniently lost”. Mr Whyte is expecting a tribunal judgement result soon.