VIDEO: Bright future for emu rescued from Fife Animal Park

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An emu rescued from the closed Fife Animal Park near Cupar is flourishing in its new home in Surrey.

The bird, nicknamed Forest by keepers, was in extremely bad condition and suffering from a number of complaints believed to have been caused by dietary inadequacy and poor living conditions after it was examined by animal wefare experts called in by Fife Council.

Forest the emu is happy and healthy at Birdworld

Forest the emu is happy and healthy at Birdworld

With no access to the company of other birds or enrichment of any kind he had developed the symptoms of sensory and social deprivation, and stereotypical behaviour such as head throwing, pacing and feather plucking.

It was initially uncertain as to whether he had any vision at all as his reaction to movement was severely compromised and an initial prognosis by vets in attendance was that Forest may have to be euthanised.  

However, it became apparent that with suitable care and attention Forest’s life could be turned around. He would need extensive rehabilitation, ongoing veterinary care and socialisation and integration with other emus.

Avian specialists Birdworld, a public bird zoo at Farnham in Surrey, were contacted and immediately offered to help give Forest the care and rehabilitation he needed and provide him with a new life in their spacious open air paddock with other emus.

In March, Forest made the long journey south and now, seven months later Forest is happy, healthy and enjoying the company of other birds and has become a firm favourite with visitors to the 26 acre park.

Here is a video Birdworld produced telling Forest’s story.