VIDEO: Drone footage of work on Queensferry Crossing

A video of construction at the new crossing over the Forth shows work that has taken place throughout the past year.

Drone footage and time lapse videos captured the Queensferry Crossing taking shape in 2015, with the project running ahead of schedule and under budget.

Areas featured in the video include all three towers being concreted, assembly of the North Viaduct and realignment of the A90.

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Keith Brown, cabinet Secretary for infrastructure, said: “It seems a long time since 2011 when construction work on the bridge began. Looking out over the Forth now, it is hard to remember what it was like before the Queensferry Crossing started to emerge from the water.

“During 2015 the progress in building the new bridge has been much more noticeable to passers-by, the higher above the water the bridge has grown.

“This past year is possibly the one that people will have noticed the most – the towers have gone up and it is now the tallest bridge in the UK. The deck is stretching out from each of the towers, the south viaduct is reaches out towards the main crossing and will soon be joined by its twin on the north side.

“This new video provides some fantastic footage showing the Queensferry Crossing in a new and unique way.”

Over 1200 people are employed on the project, which is expected to be completed next year.