VIDEO: Locals take to the polls in Leven

There was a steady stream of voters at the Leven Parish Church polling station this afternoon.

Many of the voters, young and old, seemed excited to place their votes, with one police officer present, although it was reported there had been no trouble since the station opened this morning at 7.00 a.m.

Yes supporter at Leven Parish Church

Yes supporter at Leven Parish Church

Yes and No campaigners stood at the front and back entrances, and all appeared in good spirits, chatting to each other with no hostility.

One Yes supporter - who couldn’t be missed with a saltire painted across his face - said it was a momentous day for all of Scotland, and claimed he was sure of a Yes outcome when the results are announced tomorrow (Friday).

However, one man, who did not reveal his vote, said that although the debates had been interesting, he wished this day was not happening.