Viewforth’s wait is over - a new school IS on its way!

An artist's impression of the new school
An artist's impression of the new school

Plans to build a new secondary school in Kirkcaldy east have been given the go-ahead.

Councillors approved the proposals to construct a replacement for Viewforth High at the Central Area Planning Committee in Glenrothes yesterday afternoon (Wednesday).

The new £25m facility - to be located on nearby playing fields at Windmill Road - has also been designed to provide a special support school (replacing the Rosslyn Special Support School), public library and local Council office.

The three-storey building is expected to cater for around 600 pupils, but room has been left to expand the capacity to 1000.

The application also includes provision for two all-weather playing fields and two grassed playing fields.

At the meeting councillor John Beare asked if there was a bus plan for the new school and raised concerns about pitch floodlighting.

James Wright, Council planning officer, said the existing Viewforth school is currently not served by buses and there was no intention for this for the new building.

But he did say provision would be made for coaches parking on the site for school trips. Mr Wright said a condition was in place for the floodlighting to ensure it doesn’t impact significantly on adjacent properties.

Meanwhile, councillor David Alexander asked if there had been previous experience of a local office being included within a school building. He highlighted concerns for the safety of the pupils.

Mr Wright said this was something that had not been done before locally, but that it had been assessed to ensure there was enough parking provision. He said the building had been designed with separate entrances for pupils attending the school and for people using the local office.

Councillor Kay Morrison said: “This is an ambitious, imaginative proposal combining several facilities. Having a Council office incorporated is a great idea. It is also protecting the future of Vieforth High School. It fits in with the plans for Kirkcaldy east and is compatible with its surroundings.”

Councillor Kay Carrington added: “This is a wonderful opportunity for the people of Kirkcaldy east. Young people are using hutted accommodation in the current school which is more than 100 years old. This is a fantastic opportunity to have a state-of-the-art modern school.”