Village builds the case to rip up speed bumps

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COMMUNITY councillors are building a case to have speed bumps ripped up in Coaltown of Wemyss.

In recent years, Fife Council has pursued an ambitious safety programme to cover huge swathes of the Kingdom’s roads with the much-hated bumps.

But Coaltown of Wemyss’ Secretary Keith Davison plans to tell stunned traffic bosses they simply don’t work.

At a recent meeting he cited the new Minister for Transport’s view that “Pre-occupation with speed alone as a cause of accidents is flawed.”

Mr Davison reasoned: ”The use of speed bumps are an expensive damaging irrelevance and may, in fact, contribute to accidents due to damaged suspension; so new installations should cease and existing bumps be removed.”

The authorities should ignore ‘blanket’ speed control and concentrate instead on drunk and drugged drivers as well as known ‘raceways’ he argued.

“While Fife and other councils remain paranoid about ‘excessive’ speed, real problems are being ignored and funds being misdirected.”

However, Murray Hannah, traffic management and safety team leader, maintains the bumps have saved lives.

From 1994 to 2002, four serious injury crashes occured in the village.

But from 2002-10, there were no serious injury crashes, or pedestrian crashes since 2003.

“There is therefore good evidence to suggest the 20mph zone is contributing positively to road safety,” said Mr Hannah.