Villagers demand action on speeding drivers in Dairsie

Willie Rennie MSP (left) with campaigners.
Willie Rennie MSP (left) with campaigners.

Anxious parents have joined forces with local politicians to urge action on speeding in Dairsie amid fears that it’s only a matter of time before a child is killed.

The village, which is on the main A91 road between Cupar, St. Andrews and Dundee, sees a heavy volume of traffic pass through daily - and many drivers, it’s claimed, ignore the speed limit and even jump the red lights at the pedestrian crossing.

It was when a vehicle almost hit her six-year-old son that mother-of-three Shona Ferrier decided enough was enough, and organised a high-profile protest to draw attention to the issue.

The protesters were joined by Willie Rennie, MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife and leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

Said Shona: “We are deeply concerned that so many drivers speed through our village without any consideration for our children scooting, cycling and walking to and from school.

“We need action to be taken before one of our children is killed by a speeding driver. There is a 20mph speed limit outside the school in Dairsie, but only a minority of drivers adhere to this. We are calling for additional traffic calming measures to ensure that our children are safe from speeding drivers.”

Also joining the protesters was Cupar councillor Margaret Kennedy, who said:“I have been working with parents to get changes as I am anxious that an accident will happen. I have already helped to bring in the Fife Speed Camera Partnership which has been ticketing speeding drivers. More can be done like flashing speed signs and a change to the signage.”

Colin Stirling, traffic management lead professional with Fife Council, said that he would be happy to meet with the residents to discuss their concerns.

He said:“Over the years Fife Council has worked with the local community regarding road safety concerns with measures such as the part-time 20mph speed limit, signal controlled crossing, electronic “slow down” signs and village gateway features being implemented.

“We are more than happy to be involved in discussion about any road safety concerns that the community has.”