Vision and long term policy needed: GAFG

Ron Page of the Glenrothes Area Futures Group
Ron Page of the Glenrothes Area Futures Group

A respected local campaign group is to set down its firm vision for the town and it means business.

The Glenrothes Area Futures Group (GAFG) has said it will draw up a policy for the future of the Glenrothes area.

At its AGM discussion was to centre on the ongoing A92 campaign and the development of Glenrothes town centre.

Ron Page, spokesman for the group, said: “Although the petition to the Scottish Parliament has been dropped now after three years of support the office bearers are encouraged enough to continue the campaign. The Minister of Transport, Keith Brown, MSP, suggested a new step forwards was to contact the A82 Campaign members. The Convener and members of the Petitions Committee congratulated the A92 Petition/Campaign and suggested it continue on a local level in the next instance.

“So this we are doing - and intended doing in any case!”

GAFG is currently in contact with Tullis Russell and Diageo concerning the impact of their vehicles on the A92 in Fife.

Mr Page said: “We are in contact with the Transportation Service of Fife Council and a meeting is imminent. And we have been in contact with the A82 campaign leaders and find that both of us have run parallel campaigns apart from one item - the A82 campaign is backed by local authorities of that area. We would therefore be seeking the involvement of Fife Council in our “new look” campaign.”

Under discussion will also be the hot topic of the town centre development which the group has long highlighted as an issue.

Mr Page said: “In the pipeline are the Fife Council Glenrothes Town Centre Development Plan and the hoped-for big supermarket that we hope will stimulate a lot more investment in the town centre area. But we also have a vision of a social kind of town centre where people will meet socially. These matters we’ll raise when we meet soon with the officials in charge of the Glenrothes Town Centre Development Plan. Since we are a Glenrothes Area grouping then we might have a look at other local town centres such as Leslie and Markinch in our area - again depend on people’s ideas at this AGM. There should be a vision and long term policy for the towns and villages in this area of central Fife.”

Those supporters of the Glenrothes Area Futures Group who attend its AGM on Thursday will be invited to look to establishing a policy for the future of the Glenrothes area and thereby support its policies to date. All the Fife councillors who are members of the Local Area Committee and all the Fife MSPs have been invited to attend the meeting.

Lindsay Roy, MP for the Glenrothes constituency was asked to be the chief speaker at the AGM.